The Return of the Duke

By D O’Negal

cap ferat

At a sumptuously appointed press conference today, held in his villa in Cap Ferrat, His Grace, The Duke of Rosses, Pat the Cope Gallagher announced his candidacy for the forthcoming general elections.
The Duke, resplendent in the finest Chinese silks and wearing a golden turban that once belonged to the last Ottoman Emperor, regaled an audience flown in on his private jet. After local press dignitaries bathed his feet in chrism oil and he had received the necessary tributes his Grace clapped his hands and a retinue of servants appeared from the wings with the finest delicacies from around the world prepared by his Graces blind Abyssinian chef Thanrgo . The audience, reclined on Persian cushions whilst The Duke charmed them from a raised marble dais covered in snow leopard and Siberian tiger skins.
He giggled when asked what he thought were his chances in Donegal south west, and while sipping a most appealing pinot gris given to him by The Baron de Rothschild, assured us that “the election was merely a tawdry formality” and that “one had to go through with these things, for appearances sake”.
His Grace, known throughout the hemisphere for his entertaining and love of fine dining was most excited with the thought of a return to Dublin, remarking that L’Ecrivain had poached a sublime young chef from Paul Bocuse who had been blending his own truffle oil since he was a child, and “who could do things with lamb and goats cheese that would make a jesuit cry”.
Puffing gently on a bejewled hookah The Duke assured us that he would reclaim his birthright, and that his beloved subjects democratic tantrum would be forgiven, with the minium of bloodshed, which “if necessary, is always regretted”


First Show, Coming Right Up[youtube=]

Vas is der crack?  I’m just about to go into the studio to do my first pod-cast of the 1994 show, and it’s a special one about one of the coolest people that ever lived, Mr. William Hicks who dies in Feb 1994.  Due to time constraints (not on my behalf, its our stinking lecturers) the show, and all following shows will be 20 minutes long.  Or thereabouts  The show’s content will be of an adult nature so please do not play it in front of kids, parents, grandparents, priests, feminists, or people of a nervous disposition.  Also, if your the type that likes to complain, click away from the site and sit down and have a nice cup of tea.

Meanwhile enjoy the clip below from the end of Bill’s 1993 show at the Dominion Theatre London

Will be right back!!

The third Post

This was probably the biggest news story of the year. April 8 1994

Hey My First Post

This my the first post of the most excelent 1994 show.  Through this blog you will be able to listen to the show on the Lakes Radio site.  Hope you enjoy the content, and have a listen to some of the other shows.  Cheers!!

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